MMU.001001Upright Metallurgical Microscope
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Industry metallurgical microscope!

  • Industry checking and measure microscopes are suitable to observe surfaces structure and geometry of workpiece.
  • It is equipped excellent UIS optical system and modularization function design so that update system expediently and achieved polarization, dark field observation.
  • Lift or down the optical and illumination unit along the leader to adjust the distance from stage to objective, so that enable using for different thickness workpiece.
  • Quickly and effectively locate the observation part of workpiece by moving the mechanical stage.
  • The motion of the focusing is roll that the roller bearing moved guiding the trigon slideway, so that the moving process is smooth.
  • This is ideal optical instrument for checking and measure in the field of precision part, integrated circuit, packing material etc.


Wide field WF10X(field number:Φ22mm)
Trinocular, inclination of 30°, analyzer with field diaphragm to switch
Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective

PL L5X/0.12 (Work distance):26.1 mm
(Equipped with bright field objectives)

PL L5X/0.12 BD (Work distance):9.70 mm
(Equipped with bright & dark field objectives)

PL L10X/0.25 (Work distance):20.2 mm
(Equipped with bright field objectives)

PL L10X/0.25 BD (Work distance):9.30 mm
(Equipped with bright & dark field objectives)

PL L20X/0.40 (Work distance):8.80 mm
(Equipped with bright field objectives)

PL L20X/0.40 BD (Work distance):7.23mm
(Equipped with bright & dark field objectives)

PL L50X/0.70 (Work distance):3.68 mm
(Equipped with bright field objectives)

PL L50X/0.70 BD (Work distance):2.50 mm
(Equipped with bright & dark field objectives)

Focus System
Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, with coarse focus knob tension adjustable device, minimum division of fine focusing: 1μm.
Eyepieces Tube
Inclination angle is 45°and interpupillary distance is 53~75mm.
Quintuple (Backward ball bearing inner locating)
Base overall size:300mmX240mm

Mechanical stage overall size:185mmX140mm
moving range:Transersal :35mm,Longitudinal:30mm

Epi- illumination System
6V30W halogen and brightness enable control.
12V50W halogen and brightness enable control.
Integrated field diaphragm, aperture diaphragm and (Y,B,G, ground glass) switching device. Push-pull type analyzer and polarizer.
Optional Accessories
Dividing eyepiece(field number:Φ22mm)
Equipped with bright field objectives
PL L40X/0.60 (Work distance):3.98 mm
PL L60X/0.75 (Work distance):3.18 mm
PL L80X/0.80 (Work distance):1.25 mm
PL L100X/0.85Work distance:0.4mm
Equipped with bright & dark field bjectives PL L40X/0.75 BD (Work distance):3.04 mm
PL L60X/0.75 BD (Work distance):1.90 mm
PL L80X/0.80 BD (Work distance):0.80mm
PL L100X/0.85 BD (Work distance):0.22 mm
CCD Adapter
Digital Camera Adapter