MFI.003058Inverted Fluorescent Microscope
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MFI.003058 Inverted Fluorescence Microscope, Newly designed with comfortable operating with ergonomic structure, with better illumination, convenient replacement of attachment with sliding-in center adjustable condenser.

  • Infinity Optical System Supply High Quality Optical Image
  • Infinity Phase Contrast System Included
  • Excellent Fluorescent Image With High Resolution Fluorescent Objectives
  • Protect The Light Leak With Advanced Lamp Housing

Seidentopf Trinocular Head, 30° Inclined, Interpupillary 48~75mm, Diopter Adjustable
Optical System
Infinity Optical System

Extra Wide Field Eyepiece EW10x/22mm, High Eyepoint

Infinity Plan LWD Achromatic Objective 4x/0.1, W.D.18mm
Infinity Plan LWD Achromatic Objective 40x/0.6, W.D.2.6mm,Cover Glass 1.2mm
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Achromatic Objective PH10x/0.25, W.D.10mm
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Achromatic Objective PH20x/0.40, W.D.5.1mm
Quintuple Nosepiece
Coaxial Coarse & Fine Adjustment, Coarse Stroke 37.7mm Per Rotation, Fine Stroke 0.2mm Per Rotation
--Plain Stage 160*250mm
--Glass Insert Plate
--Auxiliary Stage 70*180mm
ELWD Condenser N.A.0.3, Long Working Distance 72mm, Up to 150mm Without Condenser
Phase Contrast
Phase Contrast Slide, 2 Holes For 10x-20x Objective
Fluorescent System
Reflected Flourescent System
--Power Supplier Box, 220V/110V Interchangeable, Digital Display
--100W HBO Ultra Hi-Voltage Spherical Mercury Lamp
--Barrier To Resist Ultraviolet Light
--Fluorescent Free Oil
--Blue Excitation Filter, BP460~490, DM500, BA520
--Green Excitation Filter, BP480~550, DM570, BA590
Green, Blue, Ground Glass, Dia.45mm
Kohler Illumination, Epi-illuminator with iris aperture diaphragm and iris field diaphragm, 6V/20W Halogen Lamp, Brightness Adjustable
Optional Accessories
Infinity Plan LWD Achromatic Objective 10x/0.25,W.D.10mm
Infinity Plan LWD Achromatic Objective 20x/0.4,W.D.5.1mm
Phase Contrast
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Achromatic Objective PH40x/0.6,W.D.0.35mm
Centering Telescope, Tube Dia.30mm
Phase Contrast Slide, 3 Holes For 10x-20x-40x Objective
Fluorescent System
Infinity Plan Fluorescent Objective 4x/0.13/0.17, W.D.16.3
Infinity Plan Fluorescent Objective 10x/0.3/0.17, W.D.12.4
Infinity Plan Fluorescent Objective 20x/0.5/0.17,W.D.1.5
Infinity Plan Fluorescent Objective 40x/0.75/0.17,W.D.0.35
Infinity Plan Fluorescent Objective 100x/1.3/0.17,W.D.0.13
Blue Excitation (B1) Filter, BP460~495, DM505, BA510~550
Ultraviolet Excitation Filter, BP330~385, DM400, BA420
Violet Excitation Filter, BP400~410, DM455, BA455
Netural Filter ND6
Netural Filter ND25
Epi-Fluorescent Centering Slide
Wokring Stage
Attachable Mechanical Stage, X-Y Coaxial Control, Moving Range 120*78mm
Terasaki Holder
Petri Dish Holder Dia.38mm
Slide Glass Holder Dia.54mm
Slide Glass Holder Dia.90mm
Photo Adapter
C-Mount 1.0x
C-Mount 0.5x