MDB.023011Biological Digital Microscope, 3M CMOS, 40X~1000X
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  • This digital microscope used 3.2 million pixels figure chip and 1/2” target surface that can scan non-interlaced.USB2.0 can get fast outputting speed and highly signal to nosie ratio and can capture image at real time.It can completely satisfy your any requirement of image professional analysis.
  • This microscope has an advanced design, stable ,safety and efficient. which makes the operators to use the microscope more simple.
  • This microscope can also be used with many accessories to realize bright field,simple polarization ,dark field, phase contrast. Which has excellent cost- performance.
  • This microscope can be used in variety of biological applications,such as teaching and laboratory.
Digital Camera

3.2M, 1/2" CMOS, USB 2.0, Resolution Ratio 2048*1536, Line by Line Scan, 90% Image Display Image from Field of View

Binocular, 30° Inclined, Interpupillary Distance 54-75mm


PL10x/18mm, Wide Field, High Eye Point, Diopter Adjustable +/-5 Degree
Infinity Plan Achromatic 4x/0.10
Infinity Plan Achromatic 10x/0.25
Infinity Plan Achromatic 20x/0.40
Infinity Plan Achromatic 40x/0.65
Infinity Plan Achromatic 100x/1.25

Backward Quadruple

Working Stage
Double Layer Mechanical Stage 140*132mm, Moving Range 76*50mm, Precision 0.1mm
Low Position Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focusing Knob, with Safty Limitation and Tension Adjustment Ring. Coarse Range 25mm, Fine Precision 0.002mm
Kohler N.A. 1.25, with Socket for Phase Contrast and Dark Field Slides, Center Fixed
Light Source
3W LED, Intensity Adjustable, Center Fixed

90~240V Wide Range Power Supply

Optional Accessories
Eyepiece PL10x/20mm, Wide Field, High Eye Point, Diopter Adjustable +/-5 Degree
Nosepiece Backward Quintuple
Dark Field Dark Field Slide, for 4x~40x Objective
Polarizing Polarizer
Filter Blue, Dia.45
Green, Dia.45
Netural, Dia.45
Adapter C-Mount 1.0x, Focus Adjustable
C-Mount 0.5x, Focus Adjustable , for 1/2 CCD
C-Mount 0.35x, Focus Adjustable, for 1/3 CCD
Photo Adapter with PK or MD mount, with 3.2x Photo Eyepiece
Professional Photo C Mount, with Photo Eyepiece
Phase Contrast Centering Telescope, Dia.23.2mm
Phase Contrast Slide, for 10x, 40x Infinity Objective
Phase Contrast Slide, for 20x,100x Infinity Objective
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective 10x/0.25, W.D.=4.70mm
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective 20x/0.50, W.D.=1.75mm
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective 40x/0.65, W.D.=0.72mm
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective 100x/1.25, W.D.=0.15mm