MSG.056001Jewelry Inspection Microscope, LED, polarized light
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  • The microscope is used for jewelry identification. It is small in size, light in weight and very portable.
  • Polarized light is often used for jewelry identification.This microscope is based on the principle of polarized light interference.
  • The following table is a summary of the phenomenon of using polarizing glasses to observe the gems, for reference.
Observed phenomena
Gem rotation 360 degrees. Dark
isotropic---Non crystal,cubic lattice
Garnet, spinel, man-made glass, natural glass, fluorite, diamond, opal, plastic
Gem rotation 360 degrees.Four dark and four bright.
Anisotropy---Uniaxial or biaxial crystal
Beryl, corundum, topaz, zircon, tourmaline, quartz, olive green, gold emerald, tanzanite
Gem rotation 360 degrees.Bright.
Multi crystal
Jade,nephrite jade, agate, chalcedony
Double-crystal spectrometry
Sapphire, bicrystal
Some two layers of stone
Sapphire,Synthetic ruby two layers of stone
Reflection anomaly
Fluorite cleavage
Gem display extinction anomaly
Strain anisotropy,Often appear in other aspects of isotropic materials
Man-made glass, natural glass, fluorite, Werner Ye synthetic pointed stone, iron and aluminium garnet, diamond, amber
MSG.056001 LED Table Polariscope 
Dia. of Top Lens 43mm
Dia. of Top Lens 49mm
Stage Top and bottom Polarizing plate can Rotate 360°
Illumination LED Light, wam yellow colour
Dimension 112L*72W*133H
Net Weight 635g
Gross Weight 732g
Power 100V-240V
Packing List 1. LED Table Polariscope 1pc
2. Power Cable 1pc
3. Conoscope 1pc