MSG.023001Jewelry Microscope 6.7x-45x with 6V 30W Halogen Light
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MSG.023001 Jewelry Microscope can fulfill transmission bright field, reflection bring field, polarized observation and dark field observation to help you indentify a full range of jewerly samples.

  • Magnification 6.7x-45x,with Auxiliary Lens, it can reach 2x~225x
  • Meeting the various  demands of different diamond, crystals, gems and other jewelry.
  • Flexible stand, retroverted 45 degree, hand-held design,making the angle adjustment and microscope moving more easily and secure
  • With transmitted light source of 6V/30W Halogen Philips Lamp, brinhtness adjustable
MSG.023001 Jewelry Microscope 6.7x-45x
Magnification 6.7~45x, with Auxiliary Lens, it can reach 2x~225x
Binocular Viewing Head, 45° Inclined, 360° Rotatable, +/-5° Diopter Adjustable, Interpupillary 54~75mm
Zoom Range
Zoom Ratio
Working Distance
With Standard 1x Lens: W.D.:100mm; With Auxiliary Lens: W.D. reach 26~287mm
Retroverted 45 degree
Gem Clamp
Wire Clamp For Bigger Objects, Flat Clamp For Smaller Objects
Focusing range: 110mm; 0- 45 degree rotatable; Dark and bright feild are available.
Reflected Light source:1W High Power LED, brinhtness adjustabl or e7W Fluorescent lamp
transmitted Light Source: 6V/30W Halogen Philips Lamp, brinhtness adjustable