MCF.043001Comparison Forensic Microscope, 3.8x~230x
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Comparison microscope is a special instrument , which can observe the images of both the left and right objects at the same time through two eyepieces, and make a macro or micro comparison on two or more objects. This instrument is used for a wide range of forensic investigations including ballistics, toolmark, and document comparison.

  • Total magnification: 3.8X-115X
  • Working distance: 101mm
  • View-field: φ2.3mm-φ62mm
  • Object stage : X-axial movement:54mm, Y-axial movement :54mm
  • horizontal rotation angle :0°-360°,inclined range of stage surface: 0°-60°adjustable
  • Horizontal linking-up range between two object stages: 54mm
  • Longitudinal linking-up range between two object stages: 54mm
  • Illuminating : 12V50W fan-cold strong light source and LED cold light source
  • Polarization device: eliminate flare lights and dazzling lights
  • Coaxial light device: observation on deep hole, small hole and smooth object surface
  • Photographing device : attached with photography tube for taking a photo
MCF.043001 Comparison Microscope
Bionocular Head, 30° Incline, Interpupilary Distance 48~75mm, Diopter +/-5 Adjustable
WF10x/22mm, High Eyepoint
WF20x/12mm, High Eyepoint
5 Step Zoom Plan Objective 0.8x, 1.25x, 2x, 3.2x, 4.8x
Auxiliary Lens 0.4x, 2.0x
View Field
Dia. 2.3~62mm
Working Distance
Magnification Correcting
Magnification Correction System, with Correcting Lens
Separation Line Adjusting
Seperation Line Adjust System in Back, with Special Designed Adjust Driver
Working Stage
Square Manual Working Stage 90*90mm, Moving Range 54*54*54mm
Round Titable Working Stage Dia. 90mm, 0-45° Inclined, 360° Rotatable
Joint Left/Right Moving Range 54mm, Joint Up/Down Range 60mm
Light Source
12V50W Fan Cooling Strong Halogen Light, Brightness Adjustable
5W LED Cold Light, High Brightness, Brightness Adjustable
Coaxial Light Lens, to observe in deep hole, or smooth object surface
Polarizing Light Lens, to eliminate flare lights and dazzling lights
Ultraviolet Light Lens
Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
0.5x CCD Adapter
Front View Photo Adapter for SLR Digital Camera
80~240V Wide Range Voltage
Instrument Dimension
Optional Accessories
Light Source
150W Cold Light Source, with Optical Fiber & Light Collector

9.7" LCD PAD ,5M Camera ,Android System