MCF.050001Forensic Comparison Microscope, 2.5x~160x
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This forensic comparison microscope can use the same set of eyepiece to observe objects in left and right field. Two or more images of objective can be compared through overlap them. Because of its clear imaging, high resolution, it can identify the small differences of some objects. It is widely used to identification of bullets, tool marks, fingerprint, seal, text, currency.

Magnification 2.5x~160x
Bionocular Head, 30° Incline, Interpupilary Distance 50~75mm, Diopter +/-5 Adjustable
WF10x/23mm, High Eyepoint
WF20x/12mm, High Eyepoint
5 Step Zoom Plan Objective 0.64x, 1.0x, 1.6x, 2.5x, 4.0x
Auxiliary Lens
View Field
Dia. 2.0~90mm
Nosepiece 6 Hole Click Stop Nosepiece
Working Stage
Joint Left/Right Moving Range 54mm, Joint Up/Down Range 60mm
Round Titable Working Stage Dia. 90mm, 0-45° Inclined, 360° Rotatable
Square Manual Working Stage 100*100mm, Moving Range 54*54*54mm
Bullet Holder Bullet Holder Set for all kinds of Bullet, Cartridge and other Objects
Light Source
5W LED Warm Light, High Brightness, Brightness Adjustable
5W LED Cold Light, High Brightness, Brightness Adjustable
Coaxial Light Lens, to observe in deep hole, or smooth object surface
Polarizing Light Lens, to eliminate flare lights and dazzling lights
Transmit Bottom Light
Ultraviolet Light Lens
Filters: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
Working Distance 100mm
Separation Line Adjust
Seperation Line Adjust System in Back, with Special Designed Adjust Driver
Magnification Correct
Magnification Correction System, with Correcting Lens
Photo Adapter for SLR Digital Camera
0.5x CCD Adapter
80~240V Wide Range Voltage
Instrument Size 38*31*65cm
Optional Accessories
CCD Camera

MAC.041004: 5M color CMOS, HDMI, USB2.0, C-Mount