MDT.0530013D Microscope, 0.4X~3.2X, 55°
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This 3D microscope is widely used in electronic industry and small precision parts inspection, assembly and repair, especially for the observation of the surface micro structure of large objects.It can also be used in biological anatomy, jewelry inspection and school teaching.

  • Compared to plane video, stereoscopic video increase of the depth information of landscape, which bring more stereoscopic impression to viewer.
  • Smart design, easy to use
MDT.053001 3D Microscope
Host zoom range
Photography eyepiece magnification 1X
Viewing Angle 55°
Working Distance 42mm
Track Moving Range 160mm
Track Height 326mm
Stage Size 318×308×16mm
Illumination LED ring light, revolved forward and reverse,electric,100~240V